Working Group 5: Methodologies and ethics for research on digital literacy


Original Mission Statement:

The WG will identify the current state of knowledge and practice on quantitative/qualitative/ mixed methodologies in research on young children’s digital literacies. It will draw together current practice on co-production methodologies and multimodal ethnography and on young children’s active participation in research on their digital literacy practices. It will synthesise research and practice in ethical issues in research on young children’s digital literacy in homes, communities, early years settings and schools. The WG will consider emerging methodologies in terms of the appropriateness for use in this area. It will identify issues regarding the ethics of researching online literacy practices and offer guidance on best practice. Finally, the WG will identify the future research agenda in this area and examine the implications of all of the areas investigated for researchers and policy makers.


WG reports; Published academic literature reviews; Database of methodologies; Guidance on ethics.

WG5 Report February 2016

Research Methodology Database

As part of the COST Action The digital literacy and multimodal practices of young children (DigiLitEY) we have created a Research Methodology Database. With this tool we want to gather information from studies focused on the digital practices and experiences of children between 0-8 years of age or of other studies that might be directly relevant to children in this age group. If you have conducted studies that fall within the scope of our interest or know of relevant references we strongly encourage you to access the database form and answer the relevant questions to include your study in the database. In the first stage of the project we seek to compile a comprehensive database of current research and in a second stage we plan to develop tools that will allow all users to retrieve information and references from this database.

Research Methodology Database Form

Research Methodology Database Search Tool

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