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WG1: Digital literacy in homes and communities

Working Group 1: Digital literacy in homes and communities

The WG has the following objectives:

Original Mission Statement:

The WG will identify the current state of knowledge on young children’s digital literacy and multimodal practices in homes and communities, including synthesising research on parental support of children’s digital literacy development. It will consider issues such as the digital divide and the impact of socio-economic status, ethnicity, identity status (e.g. refugee/immigrant/ indigenous), gender, language, physical ability on digital literacy development. It will examine emergent technologies and their impact for the early years of childhood. It will explore the status of digital literacy in early childhood in European cultures. Finally, the WG will identify the future research agenda in this area and examine the implications of all of the areas investigated for policy in relation to education, parenting and the media industry.


We are writing a literature review, focusing on the digital literacies of young children in homes.  Material for the review has been systematically collected, a report will appear here in Summer 2017 concerning published between 2005 and 2016. We are also planning an updated academic book chapter – see our draft review abstract

The objective of this project is to offer realistic tips and tricks for those parenting or otherwise caring for children aged 0-6.  We seek to empower parents and carers in homes and communities to be confident participants in their children’s digital activities through co-use, co-creation and thoughtful mediation.

The aim of this study is to identify the way in which digital technologies inform the daily lives of children aged from birth to 3 in a number of European countries. Very few studies consider this age group, yet there is increasing evidence that children are embedded in a digital environment from birth. The study uses “A Day in the Life” methodology, appropriately adapted.

Currently, teams are working in Portugal, Sweden, Finland and the UK and we hope others will join us.  There is plenty of support available regarding the research design, ethics applications etc.


‘A day in the life’ by Dr Julia Gillen, presented at the 3rd DigiLitEY Meeting in Cyprus, 17/18 March 2016

Summary working group 1, 2016-03-18

Presentation PARENTS

WG 1 presentation 18th March 2016