Working Group 1 Update

Sep 6, 2018 | Share

Julia Gillen

In June 2018 Working Group 1 had a very productive meeting in Riga with established members of the group and others in DigiLitEY.  The group reviewed activities in Year 3 of the Action and looked ahead to Year 4.  Our main activities fall into 3 strands:

Literature reviews & policy brief

Following publication of our report on the DigitLitEY website in 2017, reviewing research conducted in 2005-2015 Kristiina Kumpulain and Julia Gillen were completing a chapter for the forthcoming DigiLitEY handbook.  This chapter reviews previous findings, adds research published in 2016-17 and identifies existing foci of attention and research gaps.

Julia Gillen worked with members of DigiLitEY in coordination with the Digital Childhoods SIG of the European Early Childhood Research Association, led by Lorna Arnott to produce a policy brief.  The policy brief, Digital Literacy and Young Children: Towards better understandings of the benefits and challenges of digital technologies in homes and early childhood settings, was launched at EECERA’s annual conference in August 2018.

Parenting for the digital future: tips and tricks

The objective of this project is to offer realistic tips and tricks for those parenting or otherwise caring for children aged 0-6.  We seek to empower parents and carers in homes and communities to be confident participants in their children’s digital activities through co-use, co-creation and thoughtful mediation. This research strand is led by Nicolette Vittadini (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano) and Donell Holloway (Edith Cowan University).

In Riga Donell Holloway led a discussion of progress so far and future plans.  She reported that the group had gathered and coded data from 10 countries. The group is now working ahead towards:

  • Publication of summary and full report
  • Publication of advice for parents guidelines
  • Preparation of a Special issue in Cs. Journal of Media, Performing Arts and Cultural Studies
  • Panel at final project conference

 A day in the digital lives of children aged 0-3

The aim of this research project is to identify the way in which digital technologies inform the daily lives of children aged from birth to 3 in a number of European countries. Very few studies consider this age group, yet there is increasing evidence that children are embedded in a digital environment from birth. The study uses “A Day in the Life” methodology, appropriately adapted.  Members of DigiLitEY WG1 who are involved in carrying out the research include: Cristina Aliagas, Spain Yehuda Bar-lev, Israel Rosie Flewitt, UK Julia Gillen, UK (Project Lead) Ana Jorge, Portugal Kristiina Kumpulainen, Finland Jackie Marsh, UK Mitsuko Matsumoto, Spain Marta Morgade, Spain Raquel Pacheco, Portugal David Poveda, Spain Heidi Sairanen, Finland Helena Sandberg, Sweden Fiona Scott, UK Ulrika Sjöberg, Sweden Ebba Sundin, Sweden Raquel Pacheco, Portugal Ilham Tigane, UK Vitor Tomé, Portugal

In June 2018 the group published online: Gillen, J. et. al. (2018) A Day in the Digital Lives of Children aged 0-3. Summary report by DigiLitEY ISCH COST Action IS1410 Working Group 1 “Digital literacy in homes and communities.”  We are now working on a full report and towards further academic publications.

In October 2018 the project will be presenting a panel of 4 papers at the European Communication Research and Education Association pre conference in Lugano, Switzerland. This is led by Ulrika Sjöberg and Ana Jorge.  A further panel is being proposed to the DigitLitEY final conference.

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