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DigiLitEY Special Issue of Media Education: Studi, Ricerche, Buone Practiche, ISSN 2038-3002 – Vol. 7, n. 2, anno 2016, pp. V-VIII, Young Children, Touchscreens and Literacy Practice, Edited by Giovanna Mascheroni, Chair of WG4, and Piermarco Aroldi,

DigiLitEY publication with Joint Research Council, EU Commission, Kaleidoscope on the Internet of Toys: Safety, security, privacy and societal insights [Full Report]

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Kontovourki, S., Garoufallou, E., Ivarsson, L., Klein, M., Korkeamaki,R.L., Koutsomiha, D., Marci- Boehncke, G., Tafa, E. and Virkus, S. (2017) Digital Literacy in the Early Years: Practices in Formal Settings, Teacher Education, and the Role of Informal Learning Spaces: A Review of the Literature. COST ACTION IS1410. [Full Report]

Marsh, J., Kontovourki, S. Tafa, E. and Salomaa, S. (2017). Developing Digital Literacy in Early Years Settings: Professional Development Needs for Practitioners. A White Paper for COST Action IS1410.  [Full Report]

Marsh, J., Mascheroni, G., Carrington, V., Árnadóttir, H., Brito, R., Dias, R., Kupiainen, R. and Trueltzsch-Wijnen, C. (2017) The Online and Offline Digital Literacy Practices of Young Children: A Review of the Literature. COST ACTION IS1410.  [Full Report]

The Digital Literacy and Multimodal Practices of Young Children:  Engaging with Emergent Research Proceedings of the first Training School of Cost Action IS1410, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, 6th to 8th June 2016 Full Proceedings

Sefton-Green, J., Marsh, J., Erstad, O., and Flewitt, R. (2016). Establishing a Research Agenda for the Digital Literacy Practices of Young Children: a White Paper for COST Action IS1410. [Full Report]