New Public Entity on Audiovisual Communication and Media Literacy in Greece

Aug 30, 2018 | Share

After longstanding gaps in the respected fields, Greece welcomes the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication – EKOME S.A., the new legal entity founded by Law 4339/2015 of the Ministry of Digital Policy Telecommunications and Media. EKOME has as a mission to promote and foster initiatives, foreign and domestic, in all sectors of the audiovisual industry, highlighting it as one of the economy’s key development components. EKOME S.A. has a threefold strategic mission:

  1. to create the proper infrastructure that will help boost entrepreneurship and attract foreign direct investments in the Greek audiovisual sector;
  2. to operate as a centre for the creation of the national audiovisual and digital archives policy
  3. to develop a framework for promoting media and information literacy in Greece, through targeted actions on media, youth and teacher training, research and media intelligence tools.

More specifically, EKOME SA, as a leading center par excellence, aspires to become a media and digital literacy creative hub, where exchange of know-how and good practices will cater for all citizens, especially young people, students, educators, academics, parents, media professionals for an informed citizenry. At the same time, EKOME SA will create an international high-level network bringing together organizations, bodies, academia and media professionals in the audiovisual and media industry, alongside EU and global media literacy stakeholders (UNESCO).

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